Singer songwriter Brod Rock is an advocate for the UK and New York Stem Cell Foundations. He founded Onelifemusic to promote music awareness events for stem cell therapies. The Uk and America are leading the way for stem cell research. However, there's a lot of misunderstanding on how stem cells can treat serious injuries and diseases. The current research is making great progress and leading biomedical scientists the world over believe that stem cell research holds the key to curing most intractable diseases including spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s, Alzeimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and heart attack.
However, it is still a long way from treating or curing serious conditions. This has lead to an increase of STEM CELL TOURISM with desperate people going underground and taking expensive high risks with unproven treatments around the world. So where are we today in 2019 with treating patients with genuine proven stem cells? Through Onelifemusic events, Brod Rock invites world medical research leaders to discuss and inform the public on the latest updates on future stem cell therapies and how to take part in human clinical trials. 

The UK Stem Cell Foundation (UKSCF) exists to support the advance of pioneering stem cell research into medical practice. As a registered charity, it is achieving this by directly funding innovative UK clinical projects with the greatest potential for saving and improving people’s lives. See further information. UK Stem Cell Foundation

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time through stem cell treatments. By pursuing and supporting only the most promising stem cell research and technologies, in our own laboratories and in partnership with leading institutions around the world, NYSCF serves as a catalyst in this transformational field, advancing our mission to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time.

See further information.  New York Stem Cell Foundation