NEWS 2022


Brod has been invited to try out a new revolutionary vibration machine called the Galileo. He will be documenting and filming his journey to Birmingham NEC expo centre where he will get a chance to try out this new technology. Please see attached link for further in formation . Check out the Galileo reviews for your own research.

November:  Brod met up with Victoria Williams the UK disruptor and the inventor Harald Schubert of the Galileo machine. Brod said it was a unique experience where the machine gave him a very positive outcome and he is looking forward to working further with the Galileo Team. For further information… galileotherapyuk


Brod had a chance to meet with Chris Downton from CTMedical where he tried out shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy is high energetic shockwaves applied to the area that needs treatment. A shockwave is a purely mechanical wave, not an electric one... CTMedical


Due to a sacroiliac (SI) joint and sciatic lower back pain, Brod had injections to promote new collagen, which helped result in complete recovery after nothing else had worked. For further information check out...  prohealthclinic

CBD/THC Medical Cannabis

Brod is currently experimenting with CBD/THC (medicinal cannabis) for nerve pain. Unfortunately this is not yet available on the NHS. However, a UK based company called Sapphire is the only license company in the UK that can legally prescribe CBD/THC for various conditions...  Sapphire


Brod travelled to Barcelona where he spoke to Mr Cotorro the personal doctor of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, and discussed future stem cell therapies. However as exciting as the news would appear, unfortunately it is still not available in the main stream of medical therapy. But Brod will keep you posted on any future developments... Mr Cotorro


Brod Rock at the Green Door Store Brighton UK. Q&A with Professor Brendon Noble from the UK Stem Cells foundation. Plus live music.